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Andrej Arpas

Andrej Arpas

My name is Andrej Arpas.

I have been a member since 2008 via Mensa Slovakia, with a membership in British Mensa since 2010.

I took the test because I have always had a healthy self-confidence and was looking for ways to ease my ego's cravings for a new stimulus by sitting some sort of a widely accepted, standardized test with a renowned testing authority.

I like Mensa because I enjoy the opportunities the membership brings with it. Whether it be SIGs, thru to the SIGHT programme, to being able to partake in specialized events, or the opportunity to attend regional/ international/ annual gatherings world-over, there's always plenty to do that'll tickle your fancy.

And finally 'tis the fact Mensa works so well and operates globally, with members flocking from every corner of the planet here and there that there's always something happening; and even if 99 per cent of activities ain’t your cuppa tea, there's still this 1 per cent that's making it worth being a member. Not to mention, 'tis a prestige of a sort ^_^."