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Neil Goulder

Neil Goulder

My name is Neil Goulder and I am a Finance Director, actor and singer from Chalfont St Peter. 

I have been a member for over half my life. 

I took the test because a work colleague (who was qualified, when I had yet to sit my Finals) had stuck an article on the wall next to my desk about how the Institute was warning firms not to recruit trainee accountants who were not smart enough to pass the exams. The letter offering me membership of Mensa was a suitable rejoinder! 

I like Mensa because it has provided me with an incredible social life, and I have travelled extensively in the UK and US to socialise with its many members, and to many other countries representing Mensa on the International Board of Directors.

And finally without an unexpected opportunity to perform stand-up at a Mensa Variety Show, I would never have gone on to perform stand-up on the London circuit for 2½ years – which helped prepare me for becoming an improviser a few years later. Without Mensa’s karaoke evenings, I would never have gone on to join Rock Choir. And without these combined, I would never have made my recent stage debut in a local production of Sondheim’s Into The Woods, or performed improvised songs at impro shows. I should also mention (for fear of prompting another of her looks of extreme disapproval – which happens a lot) that I met my wife through Mensa.