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Peter Baimbridge

Peter Baimbridge

My name is Pete Baimbridge and I have been a member since 1994.

I took the test because I was curious about Mensa and my IQ. 

I like Mensa because:

- it introduces me to a wide range of people from a wide range of disciplines and places that I might not otherwise get to meet

- it's fun! and the more effort you put in, the more fun you get out! - everyone really friendly, accepting, non-judgemental and interesting

- you are pretty much guaranteed a decent conversation on just about any subject you care to name

- there is always someone to challenge your preconceptions and make you think

 And finally if you're bright, gregarious, fun, with something to say, and not the kind of person to wait for things to be handed to you on a plate, Mensa is the place for you!