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Rowena M Love

Rowena M Love

My name is Rowena Love and I'm originally from Troon but now living in Hertfordshire. 

I have been a member since 1992.

I took the test because of curiosity, in the main. However, I knew about the social side of Mensa and, having just moved into a new area, thought it would be a good way to meet people and make new friends (which it was!).

I like Mensa because it has introduced me to some fascinating people. There is such a cross-section of society in the membership that you never quite know who you'll meet next. It has also been a way to get to know people on my travels around the world. I was lucky enough to meet my husband through Mensa and we now have a lovely little girl - not the reason I joined the Society but a huge bonus!

And finally participating in Mensa events has enabled me to do heaps of unusual activities from driving a double decker bus round a skid pan to having a mediaeval banquet at Stirling Castle, not to mention seeing behind the scenes of some amazing places. Whether the focus has been intellectual, cultural, historical, scientific or simply social, most of all it's been fun. I am so glad that I joined.