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Saanya Verma

Saanya Verma

My name is Saanya Verma.

I have been a member since September 2015. 

I took the test because me and my father were having a conversation as to whether IQ had any correlation to age. So we had a bet and I was determined to win. I did some research and came across Mensa. 

I like Mensa because it’s a challenge (I love taking new challenges). Mensa membership provides a platform for like-minded people to interact and build on each other's strengths. As a Mensa member it has opened doors for me to new opportunities such as an invitation to the Houses of Parliament and participation in TV programs.

And finally...if you want to attempt an Mensa IQ test, have a heavy dose of waffles for breakfast! That's what I did :-))

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Saanya Verma