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High IQ

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Do you work with super-bright colleagues, in a company brimming with smart talent and intelligent creativity?

British Mensa has agreed to work in association with the Intelligent Company, founded by Hungarian Mensa member Gábor Rutai, on a new initiative in the UK called the Intelligent Company of the Year Award.

Any business or organisation based in the UK and with five or more employees is eligible to compete for the title Intelligent Company of the Year 2018.

23 Feb 2018


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Having a high IQ can bring many positive benefits – it is the strongest indicator of academic performance and repeated studies have shown a link between high IQ and job performance and health.

But there can be downsides to being “different”, including isolation, bullying and under-achievement as a result of trying to fit in with peers.

13 Feb 2018


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Do you have an exceptionally high IQ? Are you interested in the neuroscience behind intelligence?

Brighton-based TV production company Lambent Productions are looking for people with an exceptionally high IQ for a returning series on the brain.

Earlier this year, Lambent made the award-nominated first series of Secrets of the Brain for new channel Insight TV.

The series explored human brain function by meeting people with extraordinary brains and top neuroscientists and researchers in the field.

11 Nov 2016


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More than 90 Mensa members and guests enjoyed talks on high IQ and human genetics at the latest arts and science day in London.

The impressive Wellcome Collection building was the venue for Mind, Body and Soul, which included talks from Mensa member Sonja Falck and broadcaster Dr Kat Arney.

21 Jun 2016


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To celebrate Mensa’s 70th anniversary in 2016, the society has launched two new special commemorative products.

The official Mensa tartan and a limited edition anniversary gin are both available now to mark the platinum anniversary of the world's oldest high IQ society.

Mensa was formed in Oxford on October 1, 1946 and there are now more than 100,000 members around the world, including more than 20,000 across the UK and Ireland.

02 Dec 2015


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