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The Mensa Quiz Book 2017

Ever wondered what it takes to become Brain of Mensa? Well now you can find out, as some of the toughest questions from the annual brain-busting competition have been collected together in a book for the first time.

The Mensa Quiz Book sorts the illustrated questions into easily-navigable sections - and, of course, the answers are included!

05 Oct 2017


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A new range of Mensa hoodies and T-shirts will be hitting the streets very shortly.

The three new designs are available as both hoodies or T-shirts in a wide array of colours - if you don't see the colour you want, just contact the Mensa office to check if it is available.

The designs feature a jigsaw pattern, a wordsearch and a traditional Harvard-style collegiate emblem, with subtle Mensa branding and exclusive labelling.

The wordsearch and jigsaw designs will be available to the public, while the collegiate design is for members only.

15 Jul 2016


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Mensa Brain Training app logo

Do you want to sharpen up your mental agility and perception with a fun daily workout? The new Mensa Brain Training app can target those areas where the brain needs most attention - memory, concentration, agility, perception and reasoning.

The app is the definitive daily workout for the brain and has been developed by Barnstorm Games in association with the high IQ society. It is available now for iOS with a free seven-day trial.

26 Feb 2015


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Are you ready to pit your brains against some of the brightest people worldwide – and win $25,000?

Mensa has teamed up with internet security giant Kaspersky Lab to launch a new online quizzing portal which gives users chance to win cash and one of a range of monthly and one-off prizes, including a bat signed by Indian cricket legend Sachin Tendulkar and an all expenses paid trip to the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.

19 Aug 2014


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