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Bright sparks sought for BBC documentary

Fri, 04/11/2016
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Blast! Films are making a series for the BBC about children aged 12-14, who are eligible for free school meals and are highly academically able.

Any young person who qualifies for Mensa would most certainly qualify on the academic front!

The idea of the series is to follow these children's progress over the next three years, to see what opportunities and challenges face them.

The producers would love to hear from parents of Mensa-eligible children who are receiving free school meals, to explain more about our project, and to get their perspective.

All conversations are strictly confidential – and for background research in the first instance. But ultimately, they will be looking for a small number of young people around the country to feature.

If you are a parent, Blast! Films can be contacted via

Children must apply via their parents!

ABOUT BLAST!: Blast! Films is one of the foremost producers of high-quality documentaries in the UK, including current programmes Railway Nation: A Journey in Verse and Saving Lives At Sea. 

They have worked twice in schools before, making Beautiful Young Minds for BBC2 in 2007, about young mathematicians, and The Big School Lottery in 2010.

To find out more about the company visit