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Film award for Mensan Brian

Mon, 13/11/2017
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Mensan Brian Ashby has won an award at the Chinese American Film Festival for his first film.

Interlude in Prague was co-written and produced by Brian in a 10-year project which resulted in the release of the highly acclaimed film in May this year.

It has now won a Golden Angel Award for an international film at the Chinese American Film Festival. Brian said: "I was amazed and delighted when my film won an award at the festival.

"I am still trying to take it in as it is my first screenplay.

"A  TV interview with myself and the director, John Stephenson, in Los Angeles and exclusively about Interlude in Prague was broadcast on Sunday November 5, apparently to millions of Chinese viewers."

Interlude in Prague, a romantic tragedy feature-length film starring Aneurin Barnard, Adrian Edmondson, Samantha Barks, Dervla Kirwan and James Purefoy, is about Mozart’s visit to Prague in 1788 to conduct the orchestra for the final performance of The Marriage of Figaro

While there, Mozart was working on his masterpiece Don Giovanni, and the dramatic happenings during his visit influenced the music and the libretto. 

It was co-written Brian, from Derbyshire, and fellow Mensan Helen Clare Cromarty, from Shropshire.

Brian was also the principal financier for the film. Two registered charities, Marie Curie and Foundation Derbyshire, will share in any profitability.