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Mensa Ouse Cruise, York
Over 300 Mensans visited York last weekend (20-23 September) for the society’s Annual...
26 Sep 2013
Susan & Chenda welcome guests
The British Mensa Annual Gathering 2013 is taking place in York, based at the Park Inn Hotel on the...
20 Sep 2013
York Members
This year’s Annual Gathering is taking place in York (20-23 September) and our organisers are...
23 Aug 2013
Stephen Lewis, The Press
Journalist Stephen Lewis was recently invited to sit a Mensa IQ test in York. Find out how he got...
16 Aug 2013
Champion John Howes (left) with organiser David Lovell
Friday 2 August 2013 saw some of our sporting members take to the green for the annual Mensa Golf...
06 Aug 2013
Young Mensans
Our second annual Young Mensans Future Paths conference took place at Lady Margaret Hall in Oxford...
05 Aug 2013
Mensa at Cambridge - Elisabeth Whitebread
We can’t believe it is our 33rd year but today (26 July) we kicked off our annual Mensa at...
26 Jul 2013
Shrindhi Prakash Child Genius
Last night (Tuesday 2 July) Shrinidhi Prakash became the winner of Channel 4’s Child Genius....
03 Jul 2013
News Image
The Chief Inspector of Schools, Sir Michael Wilshaw today (13 June) announced that he believed that...
13 Jun 2013
British Mensa's Gifted Child Consultant Lyn Kendall
The new series of Channel 4’s Child Genius will hit our television screens on Tuesday 11 June...
11 Jun 2013