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George Symeounides, a member of Mensa Cyprus, has entered the race for a place in the L.S.A. Lynx...
08 Apr 2013
Mensa Magazine Cover
One of the many benefits of being a Mensa member is the monthly Mensa Magazine. The magazine is...
28 Mar 2013
Alice Amos
Alice Amos joined Mensa at the age of three in January. She was offered membership after her...
07 Feb 2013
Potential Plus logo
After 46 years, The National Association for Children, the child and family support charity,...
04 Feb 2013
Mensa York AG Logo
Elaine Newington-Ward has won a competition to provide an emblem for British Mensa’s Annual...
07 Jan 2013
Lyn Kendall
Mensa’s Gifted Child Consultant, Lyn Kendall, will be running a workshop at the University of...
08 Jun 2012