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It's a far cry from Hollywood, but stuntwoman Carolyn Dean will be returning to her roots to help...
25 Jul 2016
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A new range of Mensa hoodies and T-shirts will be hitting the streets very shortly. The three new...
15 Jul 2016
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The producers behind Child Genius are on the lookout for star spellers and tiny tap dancers for a...
22 Jun 2016
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More than 90 Mensa members and guests enjoyed talks on high IQ and human genetics at the latest...
21 Jun 2016
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Channel 4 quiz show Fifteen to One is back for a new series – and producers are keen to recruit...
20 Jun 2016
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A 17th Century fort which has played a major military role over more than 400 years was the...
31 May 2016
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Smart quizzers are being sought for two BBC television shows. Make Me an Egghead, which will find...
20 May 2016
Sebastian Carrington and Dixie Egerickx
Two talented young Mensa members have been making waves in the performing arts world. Ten-year-olds...
17 May 2016
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Have you ever thought you could be the next James Bond or Violette Szabo? Would-be spies are being...
04 May 2016
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Gifted child consultant Lyn Kendall Bringing up a gifted child is exciting but it’s rarely easy....
26 Apr 2016