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Vogue Williams
Pictured: Back: Ben Kleppmann, David Power, Rupesh Mahandru; front: Mabel Gargan, Kirsten...
26 Mar 2015
Stanford logo
Exceptional young mathematicians are invited to apply for a place on an exciting summer school...
20 Mar 2015
Scarlett Morine
Rising swimming star Scarlett Morine is starting to make a splash in the pool, but she has no...
18 Mar 2015
Ramarni and Anthea
Young Mensa member Ramarni Wilfred took centre stage on the BBC primetime programme The One Show...
11 Mar 2015
Ofsted logo
A report from Ofsted released today claims that many state secondary schools are not supporting...
04 Mar 2015
Mensa Brain Training app logo
Do you want to sharpen up your mental agility and perception with a fun daily workout? The new...
26 Feb 2015
Joe Paish and Jackie Lyndon
A student from Swansea made all the right connections when he won a Mensa challenge at his...
24 Feb 2015
Goodman family
Matt and Angela Goodman were looking forward to the birth of their twin babies – until things went...
23 Feb 2015
Potential Plus logo
A manifesto for the needs of the country's most able children is calling on government to give more...
05 Feb 2015
Two experts in the field of surgical science will launch an exciting new intellectual events...
26 Jan 2015