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Brain Training app - Available from the Apple App store now
The new Mensa Brain Training app is now available for an exclusive trial period in Ireland. The app...
19 Nov 2014
Two Tribes
Want to put your quick-thinking skills to the test for the chance to win cash prizes? Remarkable...
14 Nov 2014
Potential Plus campaign
Potential Plus UK, the national charity which works with children with high learning potential has...
22 Oct 2014
News image
It’s that time of year when parents of 10 and 11-year-olds are faced with the million dollar...
08 Oct 2014
Mayuri enjoys extra-curricular activities
Plenty of interests outside school is how the parents of nine-year-old Mayuri Swaminathan are...
08 Oct 2014
Sebastian Carrington
A young Mensa member who is already making his mark as a talented musician has proved he has more...
07 Oct 2014
IBD conference, Old Windsor
Mensa delegates from around the world have arrived in the UK for this year's International Board of...
26 Sep 2014
  To mark Mensa’s 68th birthday on October 1, we will be celebrating International Intelligence...
23 Sep 2014
News image
Fifteen to One are coming to the British Mensa Annual Gathering 2014 and would love to hear from...
15 Sep 2014
Swetha P Jain
A doctor from India plans to use her $25,000 prize to fund further research after coming out on top...
09 Sep 2014