Mensa Puzzles

Here you will find challenging and fun questions, so give your brain a Mensa workout with our Mensa IQ Brainteasers and Games.

Test yourself for fun: Mensa Brainteasers Compete against other Mensa Members to win a prize: Mensa GAMES Come back regularly to find more new quizzes and conundrums . . . and if you get really good at them, why not have a go at finding out what your real IQ is by booking on a Mensa Supervised IQ Test? *Or see how quickly you can solve the regular Mensa Puzzle tweets.


One activity that many of our members enjoy is puzzling! You can test yourself for fun with our brainteasers. Our quizzes and conundrums are updated regularly, so do check back on the page for the latest content, and if you get really good at them, why not find out what your IQ is by booking a Mensa Supervised IQ Test?

Puzzles for business use

We are also able to supply puzzle content to businesses, tailored to your needs. This can range from one-off media projects for marketing campaigns and content for newspapers, magazines and company websites, to long-running partnerships and licensing agreements.

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