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Volunteer to help your local Mensa


Could you be a local organiser?

It’s easier than you probably think! We need members to volunteer to be a contact point in their local area, to help make sure there is a good variety of events for members to choose from and to serve as a contact point for local members.

London member John Butler has been hosting regular events in Sutton since 2017, and also hosts Zoom meetings for the active Croydon group.

He said: “I see the local organiser role as one which provides a contact point for local members who want to do something new, and feel the need for a little support. That could be attending a meeting for the first time, holding a meeting of their own, or finding out how their talents could be used within Mensa.

“I have found that being a contact point doesn't really take up any significant amount of time. The other aspect of the role is to see that meetings do happen regularly. That could involve attending meetings in the area to make sure the organiser isn't there on their own, or hosting a meeting if there isn't one already. Again, the amount of commitment isn't onerous, and I know that no-one is asked to do more than they are comfortable with. In the role I am supported by members that I keep in touch with, and by the regional officer.”

If you are interested in getting more involved with Mensa at a local level, contact your regional officer for a chat – details are under the Regions tab and in Mensa Magazine.

Volunteer to help your local Mensa

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