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Bollywood boy!

Leo’s movie debut… at the age of eight

Junior Mensan Leo Gómez-Franqueira has made his acting mark in a Bollywood movie – at just eight years old. The film, Mister Mummy, has already been released in India and is due for release for streaming on Netflix very soon. It is a first professional role for Leo who began acting when he was four years old and has since performed in music shows, short movies and commercials.

Leo plays Mike, the leader of the kids’ gang teasing the frustrated and cranky PT teacher Amol. In the film, the kids retaliate against Amol, who has mercilessly made them suffer as he hates kids. When Amol miraculously gets pregnant, the children find the perfect avenue for their revenge.

The shooting took place during two weeks in North Yorkshire during the Easter school holidays.

Leo’s dad Ian said: “I think it is a great accomplishment for Leo, and as parents my wife Teresa and I are very proud of him.

“Leo had a fabulous time playing the role of Mike. Rubik’s cubes, books, playing cards, and sometimes videogames filled the long waiting hours in the green room to keep the children entertained and Leo was able to spend some time exploring Durham county and Manchester during his rest days, allowing him to explore the north of England without missing any school time.”

And Ian explained Leo’s history with acting. “It comes back to my dad who was an actor in Spain,” he said. “I was also acting and singing in my teens and twenties, so I guess Leo has artist genes.”

Always keen to learn, Leo also discovered different aspects of India’s rich culture during filming. “While his lines were in English he learnt some of his pals’ lines in Hindi and decided to start lessons in order to be able to communicate in case he has to travel to India or in case he should be cast in another Bollywood movie. So now he is learning his fifth language as he already speaks Chinese, English, Spanish and French at a native level.”

Leo also developed a taste for Indian food. “Lunch time was a great moment for relaxing and enjoying the spiced food. Not very fond of spicy food in the beginning, Leo gave a try to every dish and learned to enjoy the full flavour meals we had during those weeks.”

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Bollywood boy!

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